Caudicum gets it’s name from a latin word meaning blocks / ledgers. We specialize in blockchain technologies for legacy systems.

We use the latest ultra-secure, triple-entry Distributed Network Ledger Technology (DLT)* with applications and smart contract solutions that are built on blockchains like Ethereum.

Our headquarters is located in Texas and we have a network of experts and associates across North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe.  We work mostly with clients speaking English and Spanish, but have extensive experience working with clients around the world.

We have deep experience in the cloud-based and secure private systems that are enabling new business models to improve existing enterprise and institutional processes. This technology is re-shaping the way people live and interact with a very immediate improvement in cybersecurity and the streamlining of network transactions.  We “block-grade” existing networks and computer systems, that is, we upgrade and wrap legacy processes and tasks which use ultra-secure blockchain cryptography to hash (encrypt) and distribute digital information and assets.

*DLT is a combination of components including peer-to-peer networking, distributed data storage, and cryptography that, among other things, can potentially change the way in which the storage, retrieval, record keeping, processing and transfer of digital assets is done. This includes secure identity and authorization of people, roles, processes, authority and machine to machine iot networks across private and public networks.