Discovery Session

Engagements typically begin with a intensive learning session to examine the scope of possibilities where blockchains can improve your systems. This serves two purposes, the first being that it allows us to get a feel for how your company works and where DLT can fit into your operations. The second purpose serves as a way for our groups to understand the personalities, corporate culture and gain an understanding that can’t be expressed in a memo.

Smart Contract / Solidity and LLL Programming

Solidity is the front-running language used to program Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. These small, but super efficient applications are the core piece of technology that allows for all the great things to be done.

In short, this is where the magic happens.

Dapp Development

Dapps (distributed apps) can range from completely serverless web applications to centralized applications with certain backend processes happening on a public or private blockchain.

Dapp development looks and functions a lot like building other applications with just a few differences, which are mostly technical.

Security Auditing

Proper key management and cold storage strategies are the base for a secure DLT environment. Network provisioning, air gapping and physical security are all broad topics that need careful planning and consideration.